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It’s a very simple value yet it is pivotal to the healthy continuation of any relationship, whether it is between two people, different races and/or religions, different species, or how we treat the planet itself. In fact, as a concept, I think it is more necessary than love or, at least, it’s the starting point of love. We don’t have to love everyone we meet but we can respect them, respect their differences, their opinions, their beliefs. If we respected the earth more and our very small place on it, we would not have abused it the way we have. And, deep down, if we respected ourselves more, and had reason to, the only crime that may exist would be petty – desperate people stealing for food or clothing. Of course, if our respect went further and stirred our nurturing, responsible souls, we would share what we have, temper our consumerist greed, see power as our ability to help, and so on. Because we all know deep down there’s enough to go around. (Although recently I have heard that disputed.) But hey, most of us are capitalist hedonists overly attached to our possessions (and goes for me and Apple invention I’m using to write this blog. The fact is, we can each do a lot more than we are. And I know all I’ve done here is come up with a line on a t-shirt, but if just one person reads that and is motivated to re-evaluate the way she or he behaves, then that’s something. I admit it, I’m not the soup kitchen type of person, or the protest marcher. I make t-shirts because I love them. And I write because it moves me. If I can combine the two to do some good and to also help pay my way in life, then I think I’ve struck a happy balance. I hope so.


Welcome to The world of t-shirts that express your feelings and hopefully help to make the world a groovier place. And welcome to this blog that celebrates the world as we know it and the really groovy one it can become with the help of us all. You can expect positive suggestions and solutions, personal thoughts, beautiful images and words, news about global issues, tips on blogging for change, posts from prominent guest bloggers, great designs, and a lot more. It will be a great journey for us all. A global safari. Let’s begin.

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