Saving lives is easy.LifeStraw® Personal from Vestergaard Frandsen has been nominated by Time magazine as the best invention and by Forbes as one of the ten things that will change the way we live.

Half of the world’s poor suffer from waterborne disease, and nearly 6,000 people – mainly children – die each day by consuming unsafe drinking water. LifeStraw® Personal is a portable water purifier that can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean drinking water. It’s been around since 2005. It’s a lifesaver. Literally. I’m not sure which impoverished areas of this world are fortunate enough to benefit from LifeStraw® Personal, however there are opportunities to donate LifeStraw® Personal through several organizations. Here they are:

Donate through IMA
Your donation will supply LifeStraw® to help stem the spread of Cholera in eastern DRCongo

Donate through Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(For US dollar donations)

Donate through Rotary Club of Menorca, Spain
(for International currency contribution)

Donate through Rotary Club of Brynmawr, UK

Staple Free Stapler

I’m always fascinated by the small stuff. The invention of the paper clip, the rubber band, the stapler. These small beauties play an important role in our lives. Daily. So imagine my excitement when I came across this staple-free stapler! Wow! No more tiny metal things getting stuck in the stapler or your hand when you try and remove them from a set of now damaged papers because the staple didn’t go all the way through. This is a symbol of world change! The staple-free stapler simply makes a little incision and folds the corner of the pages neatly through the cut. Brilliant!

It’s cooler today, a welcome reprieve from the barely endurable heat and humidity we suffer (way south of the equator) from December to probably late April each year. It’s amazing how weather puts a different spin on your day. When it’s sunny, I feel my soul shine. I’m happy, lit up, full of emotion. And when it’s overcast and/or raining, I am energized, all fired up to conquer the world (well, my little world at least). Or, like now, I am simply calmed. I left my partner sleeping and got up early. I can see the sea from where I sit and it is steel grey and almost flat. The cats are leaping around and the birds are pretty active so I know rain is imminent. I switched the TV on earlier and there was the same news from last night. Sky News is as mesmerising as it is irritating. The same stories get repeated. Over and over. The world’s dramas turn into rhythmic refrains. All that’s missing is the music. Yesterday and this morning, it was all about running through London with the Olympic torch and the pro-Tibet demonstrators who were (rightfully, I think) taking advantage of all the media attention but some of them (wrongfully, I think) trying to intercede and stop the pre-Olympic event. I think I must have watched the same sequences about fifty times. They just went on and on and on. Just as the suppression of Tibet has gone on and on and on. When will it ever stop?, I ask. And what will it take for each of us to turn things around. There’s a storm coming. It has nothing to do with sport and shouldn’t prevent men and women at the peak of their physical (and mental) prowess from achieving what they’ve been training towards for years. But there’s definitely a very large black cloud hanging over not just Beijing but all of us, wherever we are. We are all part of humanity and we can all, in some very small (but, collectively, massive) way, play our part in ending persecution and facilitating the long-awaited freedom of Tibet. Fight back with love sweatshirtI welcome all positive comments and suggestions of what peaceful actions we can to turn things around. Anything from everyone flying a Tibetan flag outside his or her home to putting a “Free Tibet” message at the bottom of every till slip your company dispenses, or on every letterhead, sending postcards around the world, putting the right message on a T-shirt, whatever. Let’s share in this and make a difference.

It’s a very simple value yet it is pivotal to the healthy continuation of any relationship, whether it is between two people, different races and/or religions, different species, or how we treat the planet itself. In fact, as a concept, I think it is more necessary than love or, at least, it’s the starting point of love. We don’t have to love everyone we meet but we can respect them, respect their differences, their opinions, their beliefs. If we respected the earth more and our very small place on it, we would not have abused it the way we have. And, deep down, if we respected ourselves more, and had reason to, the only crime that may exist would be petty – desperate people stealing for food or clothing. Of course, if our respect went further and stirred our nurturing, responsible souls, we would share what we have, temper our consumerist greed, see power as our ability to help, and so on. Because we all know deep down there’s enough to go around. (Although recently I have heard that disputed.) But hey, most of us are capitalist hedonists overly attached to our possessions (and goes for me and Apple invention I’m using to write this blog. The fact is, we can each do a lot more than we are. And I know all I’ve done here is come up with a line on a t-shirt, but if just one person reads that and is motivated to re-evaluate the way she or he behaves, then that’s something. I admit it, I’m not the soup kitchen type of person, or the protest marcher. I make t-shirts because I love them. And I write because it moves me. If I can combine the two to do some good and to also help pay my way in life, then I think I’ve struck a happy balance. I hope so.

Welcome to The world of t-shirts that express your feelings and hopefully help to make the world a groovier place. And welcome to this blog that celebrates the world as we know it and the really groovy one it can become with the help of us all. You can expect positive suggestions and solutions, personal thoughts, beautiful images and words, news about global issues, tips on blogging for change, posts from prominent guest bloggers, great designs, and a lot more. It will be a great journey for us all. A global safari. Let’s begin.

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